Topeak Air Backpack Review

A Commuter's Solution to Organization

For a commuter, how to carry your gear is an issue that can greatly affect your comfort on your ride to and from work. While every rider is looking for something different and though a single piece of a equipment won't work for everyone, the new Topeak Air Backpack does solve one essential commuter problem: organizing your gear just got a whole lot easier.


The backpack gets its name because of an inflatable grid of air chambers that can be adjusted on the back of the pack and on the waist straps to provide comfort to the rider. A special bulb pump is included and comes with a external pocket for storage that makes it easy to access.


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And speaking of pockets, this bag has a pocket for everything. If you hate throwing all of your gear into one giant pocket and have a hard time pulling gear in and out of your pack, the Topeak Air Backpack definitely solves this problem. Inside the main pocket of the bag is a detachable organization insert, with eight pockets to store bike tools, a mini pump, wallet, phone, bars, gels and anything else you can think of. And even with the insert inside the main pocket, there is still plenty of room to pack clothes, shoes and food for work.

On the outside of the bag, the top pocket has a hydration chamber and bladder if you'd rather carry your fluids on your back than on your bike. A large side pocket also provides room for an additional water bottle or gear that needs to be easily accessed.

On the bottom of the front side is yet another pocket, hiding a net inside to strap down your helmet when not in use.

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Best Uses

For commuters that have to travel ten miles or less, this would be an excellent choice. The size is big enough to pack a pair of shoes, clothes, and your lunch comfortably, and the organization of the inside compartment make pulling single items out throughout the day very easy.

This pack would also be suitable for mountain biking or long hikes when you need to bring lot of gear. The inclusion of a water bladder is also convenient, as you probably won't need extra water bottles.

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Marc Lindsay

Marc Lindsay is the Cycling Editor at When he's not at work, you can find him riding his bike. That is seriously all he does.
Marc Lindsay is the Cycling Editor at When he's not at work, you can find him riding his bike. That is seriously all he does.

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