Get Involved in Building and Maintaining Mountain Bike Trails

In the city just north of me, Fort Collins, Colorado, is the Spring Canyon Community Park. Winner of the 2008 Fort Collins Urban Design Award in the Civic Improvement Project category, Spring Canyon boasts several outstanding features.

One special section of the park is the Inspiration Playground, the first playground of its kind in Colorado. What makes this area unique is a play surface that allows for wheelchairs, walkers and support braces. The designs allow kids with and without disabilities to play together.

Another cool aspect of Spring Canyon is the mountain bike park, sometimes called a mountain bike trials course. It is at this course where I found the International Mountain Biking Association's (IMBA) Trail Specialist Jason Wells working with contracted consultant Greg Mazu on a Saturday afternoon.

The City of Fort Collins is working in a partnership agreement with IMBA to do some necessary maintenance on the park. I found Jason and Greg moving dirt, rocks and giant sections of dead trees, getting the area ready for an upcoming volunteer effort. They expected around 200 people to descend on the park to help get it back to top shape, and they had to have everything ready to roll.

Jason Wells
Jason Wells moves a log at Spring Canyon Community Park, Fort Collins, CO.

I had never spoken to anyone from IMBA, so I was curious about the organization, Jason and what he does.

Jason began his work for IMBA as part of the Subaru Trail Care Crew. He traveled around the country leading trailwork sessions, meeting with land managers, and working with IMBA-affiliated clubs and members to improve mountain biking opportunities. (Check out this year's Subaru Trail Care Crew schedule to see if and when they'll be in your area.)

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