6 Ways to Be an Eco-Friendly Athlete

Celebrate Earth Week by improving yourself and the environment. Here are just a few options to consider that fit an active lifestyle.


Many races are creating a new category of volunteers, typically called Green Teams, who's duty is to help with recycling and composting.

Most of the waste a race creates-and it can be significant--is either recyclable or compostable. So if it's done well, the Green Team can create a zero-waste event. Imagine that!

If your local race doesn't have a Green Team, email the race director and get one started.

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Do a Trash Run

If you are a member of a running or triathlon club propose that once a month or once a quarter the training run is designated as a trash run. If you're not in a club, then do a trash run on your own.

Be sure to wear gloves. I use an old baby stroller with a trash bin strapped in. You'll be surprised how much trash you collect.

Ride Your Bike

Leave the car at home next time you need to go to the store and take the bike instead. If you have an old mountain bike, add fenders and panniers and you'll be all set. You might want to consider commuting to work every now and then as well. It's a great stress reliever after a tough day at the office. While cycling requires more time and planning than the car, the impact on the environment, your health and your wallet can be significant.

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Bruce Rayner

Bruce Rayner is Chief Green Officer of Athletes for a Fit Planet, a leading provider of environmental consulting services to event organizers and online news and information for athletes. Look for the FitPlanet Pledge of Sustainability on race websites and find green events in the FitPlanet Green Events Directory.

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