College Recruiting Tip No.5: Creating Your Video

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As I mentioned in my last article, The Importance of Video in the Recruiting Process, only 2-3 percent of student athletes have video online for colleges to view. On the flip side, nearly 100 percent of coaches stress the importance of video in the evaluation process.

So, why is there such a big gap between what coaches want and what student-athletes use to host their video? I believe that the main reasons are:

  1. Getting quality video
  2. Capturing the video to your computer
  3. Editing the video
  4. Understanding the different file formats
  5. Deciding which software to buy/use
  6. Using the software correctly
  7. Uploading video

In this article, I will be focusing on getting quality video for your profile. This will include making sure that you have a good camera person, have a good camcorder, lengths for the video and angles when filming.

Getting Started

Many people don't know where to begin to get video. If you play high school football, you are lucky, because 99.9 percent of the games are filmed and you can get a copy from your coaches. However, most sports don't have their games/matches filmed by coaches. How can you get your event video taped?

There are a few ways to get video:

Getting a parent to film
  • Pro - Good since parents go to most of the games
  • Con -Video could be compromised if they get excited while filming
Getting a friend to film
  • Pro - Inexpensive and easy to get if you buy them a few lunches
  • Con - Inexperience and unreliable if they have a new girl/boy friend
Paying a videographer
  • Pro - professional and you can several team mates filmed
  • Con - expensive, but cost can be split among team mates
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