8 Secrets of the Naturally Slim

We all have that one thin friend—the one who's never bullied into submission by the breadbasket, and when she says, "I'll just have a bite," she does just that. Is she for real?

Turns out, research shows that thin people simply don't think about food the same way as—well, the rest of us. "Thin people have a relaxed relationship with food," explains David L. Katz, MD, an associate professor adjunct in public health at Yale University. "Those who are overweight, however, tend to be preoccupied by it. They focus on how much or how often they eat, or attach labels like good and bad to certain foods. As a result, mealtime is always on the brain."

Here, weight loss experts explore the mysterious minds of the "naturally" slim. Learn what they do, what they don't and how you can act the part.

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