Young Pitcher's Guide to Throwing Strikes

Throwing strikes isn't just about strikeouts. It's about getting outs and pitching ahead in the count.

Here are some tips to help young pitchers stay aggressive, throw strikes and maintain an edge over their opponents.

Why Count is Important

Before striking out batters and pitching to a situation, younger pitchers first need to know ways to get ahead of a better.

Hitters drool when they step into the box with a 2-0, 3-0, or 3-1 count. They know you are limited with what you can do because you have to throw a strike.

Your pitching strategy should always be to get ahead of the hitters. Hitters will often swing at bad pitches when they have two strikes, and younger hitters very seldom swing at the first pitch.

Tip: Throw strikes first...worry about getting hit around later.

Don't Fix What Isn't Broken

The second step in becoming a better pitcher is to stay with what is working.

If you find a pitch that works, stay with it. Prove that the batter can hit your main pitch before changing it up.

Too many times, pitchers want to try different pitches on every throw and forget what pitch they threw for a strike. Stick with what is working.

Tip: By staying aggressive, you can dictate the pace of the action.

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