How to Burn 100 Calories Without Trying

Host a dinner party

Turn off Top Chef and become one yourself. Between chopping and table setting, you'll burn 100 calories in 38 minutes. SELF's Chicken and Cheese Sliders recipe (yum!) takes about that long to whip up. And it's a crowd-pleaser!

Play off the pounds

At last, a way to exact revenge on edible nemeses like soda and pepperoni pizza. The new Kinect Sports: Calorie Challenge for Xbox Live ($4; lets you go head-to-head against a virtual treat, such as the Super Soda avatar, and burn off that item's calories (100-plus for the pop!) with activities such as boxing or running.

Grow to shrink

Sow pumpkin seeds now and you'll reap jack-o'-lanterns by Halloween. Spend 21 minutes tilling soil and planting in your backyard to meet your triple-digit goal. Can you dig it?

Have a doggone good time

Leash your canine companion and hoof it to the dog park at a relaxed pace to burn 30 calories in 10 minutes. At the park, use the leash to jump rope for four minutes (40 calories). Stroll back to the homestead to erase the last 30. Bow wow!

Get the ball rolling

Watch America's dream team of female soccer stars trounce the competition in the FIFA Women's World Cup, June 26 through July 17. And do some fancy footwork of your own. Dribble and shoot your way through soccer drills for 14 minutes to boot 100 calories. Score!

Make a scene

Ever wish you were part of a flash mob? You can be! Pick a pump-you-up jam (we're partial to Britney's "Till the World Ends"), gather 10 of your most up-for-anything buddies, and practice your own choreographed dance; repeating a song four times, you'll torch 100 calories. Then set out for a park or a pub to unveil your skills. (Don't forget to videotape the performance to upload to YouTube!)

Create a night to remember

Check event listings for an outdoor screening of an oldie but goody movie. Prepare and pack a picnic (20 calories in 10 minutes), lug it from the car to the grass (18 calories in 5 minutes), and toss a Frisbee for 20 minutes as you wait for the opening credits (64 calories). Then kick back, relax, and enjoy the show. Those 100 calories? Hasta la vista, baby.

Turn up the heat

Go to TimeAndDate.comto find out when the sun sets, then grab your honey's hand and head to a romantic overlook (a 10-minute walk there will melt away 30 calories). After a little canoodling to set an amorous mood (15 calories gone in 15 minutes), saunter back home (another 30 calories, poof!), and slide under the sheets for 16 minutes to burn the final 25. You can feel free, of course, to blast more than 100.

Jump for joy

Bouncing on a trampoline jiggles off 100 calories in 27 minutes and tones your legs, butt and abs. Oh, and it's also fun as all get-out. To increase the burn and get extra ab tightening, do knee tucks, suggests Kathy Kaehler, a celebrity trainer in Los Angeles: Jump up and pull your knees to your chest, reaching for your feet. Repeat, repeat, repeat!
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