How to Date a Triathlete

The author and her triathlete at their first Ironman.

It was like so many fairy tales begin, but better. Instead of just average Joe meets Jane, it was triathlete boy meets triathlete girl. Instant pace chemistry, frequent workout dates and gifts of race entry love!

As our first season passed we discussed the best living situation for all four of our bikes with the possibility of a bouncing baby bike on the way. We were going to be like Chrissie Wellington and Tom Lowe. It was too good to be true.

And it was.

Our relationship bonked. I discovered my undying passion for the sport was a mere hobby for him to "stay in shape." He said, "I love you as a person but you race way too much. I think you love triathlon more than me."

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Like a true addict, I was in denial. Denial turned into anger (he's an impostor!). Then anger turned into acceptance.

Yes, I do love triathlon more than you and yes every vacation we have revolves around a race. But who complains about Vineman wine country in the summer and Kona Ironman in the fall!?

I thought we could make it work, but, when he almost puked when I was only running 70 percent of my max effort one day, I knew he had to go.

And so, I created a guide on how to date a triathlete so other people could avoid this fate.

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How and Where to Meet Them

1) I met my current age-grouper through Team Challenge's triathlon training charity program. Triathlete + do gooder = a winning combination.

2) Your local triathlon club. Tri Club San Diego has 3,000 athletes, so yes there are plenty of swimmers in the sea.

3) At a post-race celebration. "Hey, can I get you a recovery drink or something." A guy willing to replenish my electrolytes with a set of awesome calves is a guy worth paying attention to.

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