First international youth soccer showcase in the U.S.

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IRVINE, Calif., Jun 04, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Sponsored by the United States Football Club, LLC (U.S.F.C.), coaches, technical directors and scouts from around the world will attend U.S.F.C. Discover America(TM), the first ever international youth soccer showcase to be held in the U.S. The U.S.F.C. Discover America(TM) International Youth Soccer Showcase will be held at Concordia University in Irvine, Calif. from June 7 to June 10, 2007, and it will play host to over two dozen of the top 16- to 18-year-old elite soccer players in the U.S.

Reversing the longstanding trend of selecting potential future stars from countries with a deep soccer tradition such as England, Germany, Holland and Italy, premier-league European coaches, technical directors and scouts will now come to the U.S. -- hoping to discover promising young players to enroll in their clubs' renowned training academies.

"With over 13 million young boys and girls now playing soccer in America, and many U.S. players now starring in premier league soccer all over Europe, it was only a matter of time before European scouts discovered America's huge untapped youth soccer talent pool," says Joseph Konowiecki, chairman of U.S.F.C.

Konowiecki continued, "It is important for talented American players to open up new options for themselves. The training academies of European premier league teams provide an ultimate development environment with an enviable track record of producing superstars such as David Beckham and Lionel Messi."

Don Ebert, U.S.F.C.'s renowned technical director, states, "At U.S.F.C. we firmly believe, as do other experts, that the European clubs' youth academies are the key component of the overall development of super elite players."

For this year's historic premier event, U.S.F.C. is bringing to the United States coaches, technical directors, and talent scouts from Germany, Holland, Belgium, Israel and Canada. The three-day event will consist of training sessions directed by the international coaches, as well as U.S.F.C.'s own Don Ebert and U.S.F.C. Blue Star head coach Nick Theslof. The event will also consist of matches to showcase the players' on-field personality, determination and game skill.

The elite youth soccer players attending this historic U.S.F.C. Discover America(TM) International Youth Showcase will head to Southern California from across the country. Among them are players from the East Coast's Players Development Academy, from the Northeastern powerhouse Crossfire Premier, from the Midwest's perennial national champions, Scott Gallagher, and the always dominant Irvine Strikers Football Club, from Southern California.

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U.S.F.C.'s goal is to promote the identification and development of super elite youth soccer players in the United States, and to create opportunities for them nationally and internationally. U.S.F.C. aims to align with and strengthen the U.S. youth soccer club system while always maintaining integrity, excellence and a genuine concern for the players. To learn more about U.S.F.C. and its SuperElite(TM) development program visit


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