8 Healthier Options for Super Bowl Party Appetizers

Healthy appetizers and a Super Bowl party may not always go hand-in-hand, but with these simple snack ideas, your party can be fun and healthy for all. The Super Bowl is on February 6, and there are sure to be a lot of hungry people gathered around the TV rooting for their favorite team. 

The one thing you don't want to do is disappoint those hungry fans with dainty, tasteless appetizers. There are plenty of appetizers that are tasty, healthy and shouldn't add much to the waistline. Now that should make everyone happy.

Here are some low-fat tips, followed by some terrific recipes, to make your low-fat Super Bowl party a success. And of course, feel free to add your own spices and veggies to these recipes—whatever works best for you. 

Take chili, for instance: All those beans and tomatoes that form the base of this versatile dish are wonderfully nutritious by themselves. So choose extra-lean beef or turkey to accompany them, or forgo meat altogether and add an extra can or two of reduced-sodium beans instead. Provide reduced-fat cheese to sprinkle on the chili, and reduced-fat or fat-free sour cream for garnish. 

  • Make cornbread with part whole-wheat flour, and use low-fat or fat-free buttermilk and canola oil in your recipe for a healthy, low-fat version.
  • Load your potato skins with salsa or just a sprinkling of reduced-fat cheese and fat-free sour cream. Add some paprika or even some cayenne pepper to spice them up a bit.
  • Oven fry some skinless chicken pieces dipped in egg white, or buttermilk, and dredged in breadcrumbs, cornmeal or crushed cornflakes. Serve with a honey-mustard or barbecue sauce.
  • Serve homemade baked tortilla chips or pita crisps, and serve them with low-fat dips that use fat-free or reduced-fat sour cream, yogurt or cream cheese as their base. Make fresh salsa.
  • Have a large plate of cut veggies to go with the dips, too. Include different colored sweet peppers and jicama, as well the usual carrots and celery. Add some chopped peach or mango for something different.
  • Instead of buying one of those huge over-filled subs, have your guests make their own lower-fat sandwiches. Provide a variety of lean (and low-sodium) meats and reduced-fat cheeses, a variety of whole-grain breads, wraps, rolls and bagels, plus some fat-free or low-fat mayos and dressings. Have pickles, sliced tomatoes, shredded carrots, salad leaves, roasted red peppers, pesto, and sun-dried tomatoes, all of which can help make a satisfying sandwich. Make tuna or chicken salad with fat-free mayo or low-fat plain yogurt. Use herbs and black pepper for seasoning, and omit the salt.
  • Don't forget the sweets. Bake a batch of low-fat brownies or some carrot cake. Include plenty of chopped fresh fruit too. As for beverages, keep the coffee pot full, and do have plenty of water and fruit juices available as alternatives to beer and soda.

As you know, it's easy to load up your plate with lots of tasty appetizers. Try not to pile on too much or you and your stomach may regret it later. 

Enjoy the game!

Medford Health Examiner Teresa Bruner has experience writing about health and wellness, and topics regarding pathophysiology.

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