Ski Lessons - Intermediate

About This Activity

Held at Abenaki, our hometown ski area, this is a fun way for kids to learn a new skill, get outside and get some exercise during the winter. Experienced instructors will teach group lessons once a week.

To enroll in the Intermediate Class you should ski comfortably and confidently. You can link turns (mostly parallel for skiers) of varying sizes and you can control your speed in most situations by adjusting your line, with little need for braking. You are comfortable and confident on any groomed  terrain, and capable of skiing easiest ungroomed and moguled terrain. You can link turns of varying size at moderate speed. You are usually parallel, and you may use a pole swing or plant in most of your turns.

What to expect?depending on your needs and goals:
- Explore higher speeds and more vigorous movements for shorter, complete turns.
- Develop higher edge angles and discover the control and sensations of carved turns.
- Gain confidence on steeper, more challenging groomed terrain.
- Venture into easiest ungroomed terrain.
- Learn to incorporate pole use for better timing and precision.
- Refine your balance, technique, and consistency.
- Explore technical options for more versatility, from pure-carved turns to braking. Skiers learn to use both skis independently, with step turns, stem turns, and one- or two-footed movements.

You must have a season pass to participate in this programor purchase a daily pass. 

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