Ski Lessons - Advanced Beginner

About This Activity

Held at Abenaki, our hometown ski area,  this is a fun way for kids to learn a new skill, get outside and get some exercise during the winter. Experienced instructors will teach group lessons once a week.

To enroll in Advanced Beginner you have spent a few hours on the slopes probably a day or two. You can put on and take off your equipment and move around on the flats. You are comfortable gliding and stopping on the easiest learning terrain, and you can sometimes make simple direction changes while sliding.
You are very comfortable gliding and making turns on beginner terrain. You feel almost ready for easy green runs on the mountain. Skiers  probably make wedge turns, but you may make parallel turns too.

What to expect
- Improve your turns.
- Gain confidence, control, and freedom as you explore the secrets of expert skiing!
- We will assess your technique.
- Develop confidence with different sizes and types of turns, with rhythm and consistent speed.

You must have a season pass to particpate in this program or purchase a daily pass.

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