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This year we will offer a once a week Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Program. This is not for beginners, but for those of you who are looking to become better skiers or snowboarders and would love to bring your park skiing and riding skills to the next level. We will focus on the big air jump as well as hitting rails, boxes and smaller jumps.

There will be separate coaches and teams for both freestyle skiing and freestyle snowboarding. The team will be a registered USSA team and members will need to become members of USSA in order to join.

Participants will have the option to participate in any number of Eastern Division Freestyle Meets in order to introduce members to the world of competitive freestyle skiing/snowboarding.

Registration Fee: $230* (checks payable to Abenaki Ski Team) Limited space for each team.

*Fee doesn't include Abenaki Season Pass $25.00 (Individual), USSA membership $60, or Meet fees for optional meets $40-$50 each.

For more information and to register: http://www.wolfeboronh.us/Pages/WolfeboroNH_Recreation/freestyle

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