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Race 3 Nocturnal: (8 pm) $25This is Warsaw/Winona Lake?s most unique race. A trek in 100 % of it at night, in the dark! Nocturnal is not just a race, but an event. Along the route you?ll find challenges or obstacles that keep you energized and moving towards the finish line. You?ll run, walk, and crawl through a wide variety of terrain with your lights. It will take approximately 30-60 minutes to complete the course. You and your team (team size unlimited!) are the light in the dark.

Everyone is encouraged to participate. The purpose of this race is to bring people together in order to have fun. There will be awards for fastest, biggest, and coolest costumed teams. Be creative and ingenious! Registration starts at noon on the 26th at Rodeheaver Auditorium. If you want to participate in the other two races, please check out Wear glow sticks, flashing lights, reflective clothing, carry flashlights or anything that will brighten up the night. Put on your gear, dress in costumes if you?d like, and come revel with us! We want you to bring your own unique flair. We will do everything we can to make this event fun and unforgettable. Be part of it!** Do all three (3) races for $60, save 25%. In addition, you will automatically become a NOCTURNAL Warrior. Warrior?s will automatically be entered to win a $500 cash prize at the end of the night.**To sign up, visit Sign up online (save money and get secret race updates) or the day of the race. The race will start at 8:00 PM. All of the money from this race goes to Grace College Student Veteran?s Organization, The Beaman Home and a secret recipient (disclosed immediately before awards).



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