Downtown Wilmington Scavenger Race

About This Activity

We want to bring our locals DOWNTOWN! Cape Fear Volunteer Center (CFVC) is hosting a downtown scavenger hunt to show off our beautiful area and raise money for the CFVC. Why should we throw a Downtown Scavenger Hunt? Why not throw a Scavenger Hunt is a better question to ask. But more specifically, we want to raise funds for Cape Fear Volunteer Center programs and show off the amazing local shops, restaurants, and sights of our historic area.

The race will begin promptly at 9:00am. All racers must wear the shirts provided or costumes. Each team will have 3 hours to complete the tasks assigned on their score card. They are able to complete the tasks in any order but they must be back by 12:00 noon. The team who completes all of the challenges in the fastest time wins! Prizes are top secret...for now.

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