2nd Annual Big Tortuga Open Water 10K Swim or Relay

About This Activity

The Snapping Tortuga presents: Bale of Tortuga's. Each team will have 4 athletes that will each complete a 15-minute leg, then a 10-minute leg, then 5-minute legs until their team has completed the course. Swimmers will swim in the same order throughout the event.Each team must provide its own escort boat, 1 stopwatch, and 2 cell phones. All teams must have someone 22 years of age or older driving the boat. For more info visit www.SnappingTortuga.com

SOLO FIELD LIMITED TO 15 AthletesSolo swimmers must meet qualification times to assure completion of the event. Please submit your qualifying time. Athletes must prove they have completed a 5k in 1:30 without the use of a wetsuit or a 10k in under 4hrs. There will be a 4 hour cutoff finish time for all solo swimmers. If you are not able to complete a 6.2 mile distance in 4 hours, please do not enter.Solo swimmers must be provide their own and be accompanied by a safety observer (in kayak, canoe, boat).

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