Colonial Williamsburg Holiday Night Walk

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This event is a part of Peninsula Pathfinders of Virginia three event weekend. It is sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association. The day walk is a 5- and 10-kilometer trail. The night walk is a 5- and 10-kilometer trail. The swim is 300-meters and will take place in the hotel swimming pool. Preregistration is $18.50 for the day event award and IVV credit; $9.00 for the night event award and IVV credit. Registration, mailed after Nov 30, 2012, and at the event, is $19.00 for the day event and $9.00 for the night event. The credit only fee for the walks and swim is $3.00. There is no fee just to walk the trail. The day event award is a wooden block cutout of the Elkanah Deane House at Colonial Williamsburg (see drawing on front cover). The cost of the day award has increased because our supplier has increased our price. The night award is a 4 x 4-inch patch (see drawing on next page). Each participant paying an appropriate fee will receive an award and/or IVV credit in exchange for a completed start card. Only 50 day awards will be ordered. Only 35 night awards will be ordered. There will not be a reorder of either award. Most awards go during the pre-registration period.

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