Triple Two-Step (C & W)

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This is a versatile dance that can be done to both country and big band or ballroom music.  The step list is the same for both the country and ballroom circuits.  This dance is very popular for weddings because it is very graceful and flowing.  During the 4 lessons conducted in this month of instruction you will learn frame, the progressive steps (typically done locally versus the box step), turns, rotations, and other basic to intermediate level moves as time allows. Leading and following techniques are always emphasized.


No partner required, however, it is helpful if you have someone to practice with outside of class.  We have combined classes for young people and adults.  Bring your relatives or friends.  Bring your son or daughter.  Please wear shoes with leather or hard soles to allow you to spin.  Please, no sling backs or athletic shoes.
Bowling shoes work great!

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