Building Blocks for Babies - Spring

About This Activity

(4-12 months with parent/caregiver)

This class is designed to provide babies with unique first musical experiences and  also to support parents and caregivers with quality musical activities that reinforce learning and development.  Musical activities include songs, chants, lullabies, wiggles, bounces, peek-a-boos, and playing to recorded music.  Specialized instruments for babies are used, including colorful shakers, hand drums, and bells.

Class activities and benefits include: 

  • Opportunities to play basic percussion instruments such as shakers and drums
  • Repertoire of songs and activities to use at home
  • Age-appropriate musical activities that support childhood development
  • Sensory stimulation through music
  • Fostering of social development and exploration

For more information, please contact Gabriela Cohen, ECEM Department Chair, at (202) 686-8000 x1107 or

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