Nihao! Let's Sing and Dance - Spring

About This Activity

(Ages 3-5 with parent/caregiver)

This class is designed for independent music making in Chinese. Children playfully engage in a wide variety of musical activities in Chinese, including singing, dancing, and playing basic pitched and un-pitched percussion instruments. Through musical stories, games, and activities, children are also introduced to basic rhythmic and melodic concepts while reinforcing Chinese language skills. No previous knowledge of Chinese is necessary.
Class activities and benefits include:
? Instrument playing with pitched and un-pitched percussion instruments to encourage basic rhythmic competency, including ability to play a steady beat
? Simple solo singing in Chinese for improved listening and pitch matching skills
? Movement activities to develop fine and gross motor skills
? Expressive movement to music, leading to spatial awareness and control
? Expanded repertoire of simple songs and musical games in Chinese
? Reinforcement of Chinese language skills

你好!让我们一起唱歌律动 (针对3-5岁的孩子)


? 为孩子提供演奏简单打击乐器的机会,以便更好的发展孩子的稳定节奏感,控制节奏的能力。
? 通过简单的中文歌唱,可以提'640;孩子音乐听辨和音'640;识别的能力。
? 多样的律动活动可以发展孩子大肌肉和小肌肉的运动技能。
? 故事性的音乐律动引导孩子发展空间想象和控制能力。
? 丰富多样的中文儿歌和音乐游戏能够扩展孩子的曲目库。
? 有助于培养幼儿的个人创造力和表达力。
? 能够强化孩子中文语言技能。


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