How to Prepare You and Your Dog for Walks

There are more and more dog friendly organized walks going on in many cities.

It is important to know a few tips when walking in a crowd to keep everyone involved happy.

  1. Take Your Dog for a Pre-Walk

    During this walk your pooch can potty, get the smelling thing they do out of the way and burn off some excess energy.

  2. Use a 6' or Shorter

    Retractable leashes are very dangerous in a group setting. Even if the leash is "locked" the thin lead can cut, tangle or trip people. Plus, you have less control over your dog with a retractable leash as you do with a regular one. Keep the retractable for open areas like the park or beach.

  3. Don't Forget Your Poop Bags

    There is nothing worse than only bringing one bag and then facing the possibility that your dog will be nervous in a crowd and get diarrhea. Bring extra bags!!

  4. Has Your Dog Ever Walked This Far Before?

    If your dog is not used to walking 3 miles at one time--this is not a great time to train him. Practice before the organized walk in a one on one setting on the same sort of surface and terrain to make sure your dog is ready.

  5. Keep Your Dog Close to You

    Just because you love your dog does not mean the other thousands of people doing the walk feel the same way. Many people are afraid of dogs so be considerate of that.  If your dog likes to jump on new people or pull you down the sidewalk during your daily walks--doing a organized walk may not be the best idea until fido is a little more in control.

Taking fido out in public is great and it is the best feeling having your dog by your side. Having a well trained dog is worth the time and investment that is needed to be able to do this in a safe and controlled manner

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