18 Hour CAM Prelicensing Course April 2013

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We are thrilled to announce that Florida CAM \tCourses is the only community association \teducation provider that offers our students a per diem CAM internship to allow our \tstudents to gain valuable on the job experience. Each of our students \twho successfully earn the Florida CAM license is eligible to participate \tin the internship program (subject to space availability) with our \tsister company Golden Sands Community Management. Participants will be \tworking side by side with an experienced community manager and \taccounting person to learn the ins and outs of the profession. Students \twho complete the internship program will receive a letter of reference \tand the ability to include your experience on your resume. The Golden \tSands staff will even help you create a dynamic resume. No other CAM \tschool in Florida is able to offer a service like this because they are \tnot practicing Community Association \tManagers. Others may be licensed CAMS but are no longer doing the job \teveryday. Sign up for your pre-licensing course today to get started on \ta new career!

Florida CAM Courses offers the 2 Day 18 hour Pre-licensure course in Vero Beach, FL and other convenient locations throughout the year. Once you complete the course, it is up to you to schedule your exam date with the State of Florida. You are always welcome back to any of our Pre-licensing Courses to review material if you are unsuccessful at passing the State CAM exam. We are very proud of our 88% success rate.

 During the course we will cover everything you need to pass the state exam including:

  • State & Federal Laws
  • Governing Documents
  • Management Operations
  • Maintenance Operations
  • Meetings of the Board & Owners
  • Procedures of the Association
  • Budgeting and other Financial Issues
  • Insurance
  • Practical Discussions on Getting the Job Done

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