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Ages 15+: Traffic Safety Education has been offered in the Evergreen School District for over 30 years. This course meets and exceeds the requirements set by the State of Washington regarding Traffic Safety programs. It will be offered in several different formats, but the state requirement of 30 hours classroom, 6 hours of drive time and 12 hours of observation will always be met. Our instructors all are state certified TSE instructors and together they have over 100 years of Driver Education teaching experience. The course will consist of 9 learning units. Students will progress from simple tasks to more complex traffic, with the emphasis being on making safe decisions. The course format will be in-class activities, with a final test over the Washington Drivers Guide at the end of the course. The driving section will consist of 12 - 30 minute lessons. They will start with basic control and end with complex freeway driving.

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