NLAC Winter Splash

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This meet is held under the Sanction of USA Swimming and open to all USA Swimming registered swimmers. Swimmers age as of November 30, 2012 December 1st for 8 & under will apply for the entire meet. Entry fees are $4.00 per individual event. Deck entries, if accepted, are $8.00. Deck entries must be submitted to the meet director prior to the start of each session. Last day to submit entries November 19, 2012. No late entries will be accepted. As per Middle Atlantic Swimming Rules, a $15 per swimmer fee will be charged to all entries submitted on paper rather than electronically. Awards to be given to 12 and under swimmers only. Award levels will be determined by entry times. “BB” Awards: Ribbons 1st- 6th. “C” Awards: Ribbons 1st-6th. All awards must be picked up by the end of the meet. Awards will not be available after the last day of the meet.

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