Working Effectively with Other Temperaments

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NEW! People have natural differences in what drives and motivates them. Understanding temperaments helps you understand why others react and behave as they do. You can use this information to help you achieve maximum effectiveness in the workplace with others. All four temperaments - Improvisers, Stabilizers, Theorists, and Catalysts - have something to contribute to an organization. Not understanding how others are differently motivated and driven can be at best inconvenient and cumbersome in the workplace, and, at worst, be career-limiting if not outright derailing. By understanding the differences in temperaments you'll be able to maximize the strengths of your own temperament, identify your own blind spots and develop workarounds, prevent potential missteps and misunderstandings with other temperaments, and identify behaviors that will help you succeed with other temperaments. Save time and resources by preventing misunderstandings and learn how to communicate more effectively with others to achieve your goals.

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