OK Satellite Sector 1 LaFortune April Satellite 1


Start: Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lafortune Tennis Center/Tulsa County Parks, 5302 S. Hudson Ave.
Tulsa , OK 74135

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Location: Lafortune Tennis Center/Tulsa County Parks, Division: Satellite: BG(18-12)s,FMLC; BG(18-12)d,SE; Quick Start: BG(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) )s,FMLC; BG(10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) )d,SE, Notes: DRAWS - will be posted online by noon on April 4. This is a 1 day tournament, possible play being between the hours of 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. Please check your Draw to find your start time, and please check in 15 minutes before your scheduled match to hear the rules of play.

In case of INCLEMENT WEATHER a message will be put on the Tournament phone (918-496-6232) and the Tournament Homepage as to the status of play.

DOUBLES - please register at the tournament desk the morning of the tournament (while singles is being played). NO DOUBLES DRAWS WILL BE ONLINE, INSTEAD THEY WILL BE CREATED AT THE TOURNAMENT DESK. DOUBLES CHECK IN WILL BE AT 2:30 P.M. WITH PLAY STARTING SHORTLY AFTERWARD.

SINGLES - Note that 12 & under will be played on a regular court using a green dot ball, and scoring will be the same as the older age groups. 10 & under will be played on a 60' x 21' court using orange balls (tournament provides). Scoring will be best of 3 sho

USTA - Boys' 18 Singles, Boys' 16 Singles, Boys' 14 Singles, Boys' 12 Singles, Boys' 10 Singles, Girls' 18 Singles, Girls' 16 Singles, Girls' 14 Singles, Girls' 12 Singles, Girls' 10 Singles, Boys' 18 Doubles, Boys' 16 Doubles, Boys' 14 Doubles, Boys' 12 Doubles, Boys' 10 Doubles, Girls' 18 Doubles, Girls' 16 Doubles, Girls' 14 Doubles, Girls' 12 Doubles, Girls' 10 Doubles

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