Hybrid Super Set Series #1 - A Singles & Doubles Event (Juniors) L6


Start: Saturday, April 6, 2013

Reffkin Tennis Center, 50 S Alvernon Way
Tucson , AZ 85711

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Location: Reffkin Tennis Center, Division: BG(18-12,10 (60'Court/Orange Ball) ,8 (36'Court/Red Ball) )s,COMP, Notes: IMPORTANT!
\nDue to a new policy from the USTA’s legal department, tournament directors will no longer have access to phone numbers and email addresses of the tournament participants unless the player re-enters their contact information at time of event registration. This means that if a player does not enter their phone and email information each time they register for a tournament, the tournament director cannot contact them for any reason, including withdrawals, defaults, byes, rain delays, etc. Your cooperation will ensure that tournaments can continue to communicate necessary information to you. Thank you.

ALL MATCHES BEGIN AT 11:00 AM ON SATURDAY MORNING. IF YOU HAVE ANY FURTHER QUESTIONS, PLEASE CONTACT MEGHAN AT (520) 791-4896 or EMAIL HER AT arizonatennis@gmail.com . SEE YOU SATURDAY! LATE ENTRIES MAY BE ACCEPTED IF SPACE ALLOWS. We will take entries till draws fill (online and over the phone).


USTA - Boys' 18 Singles, Boys' 16 Singles, Boys' 14 Singles, Boys' 12 Singles, Boys' 10 Singles, Boys' 8 Singles, Girls' 18 Singles, Girls' 16 Singles, Girls' 14 Singles, Girls' 12 Singles, Girls' 10 Singles, Girls' 8 Singles

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