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Are Brick Runs Overrated?

A lot of emphasis has been put on brick workouts over the last few years, but they might actually be holding you back. Find out why.

Active Triathlon Book Club

Looking for a great read to teach, aid or inspire you as a triathlete? From how-to stories to entertaining narratives to insightful autobiographies, h

Does Competition Boost Performance?

Mark Allen recorded the fastest ever marathon in Ironman history at the 1989 world championship event. Find out how his competition with Dave Scott li

Can You Control Fatigue?

When you're doing an endurance event, it seems like fatigue is inevitable. Or is it? Find out what scientists are saying about your ability to control

Run, Bike, Swim: The Early Days of Tri

Russ Jones is the recipient of what's thought to be the first triathlon trophy ever awarded. Find out what it was like in the early days from someone


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