Jessi Stensland

Jessi Stensland

A New Jersey native, Jessi lives and trains in San Diego, CA. After finishing a successful NCAA Division I swimming career and graduating magna cum laude at George Washington University in 1998, she dove head first into triathlon. The following year, Jessi grabbed her first overall win along with a silver medal at the 1999 ITU Amateur World Championships in Montreal, Canada.

In 2000, Jessi entered the professional circuit. A strong swimmer who quickly developed strength on the bike, she hit the ground running. Jessi has had 20 career wins both nationally and internationally. In 2004 she won the Half Ironman Mexico, her first attempt at that distance. The highlight of her career was the Olympic journey, which culminated with the 2004 U.S. Olympic Triathlon Trials where she finished 4th and 6th among the American women.

In 2006 and 2007 Jessi took a break from professional racing to pursue video production. Her focus was on active lifestyles and covering endurance events, such as Ironman Triathlon World Championships and the Tour de France.

Early in 2008 Jessi resumed training and racing. Partnered with powerhouse Under Armour through 2010, her focus now is broader—involving adventures in all things endurance, both on- and off-road.

Along with her current athletic endeavors Jessi is still working as an endurance performance specialist and video producer. She also helps athletes understand how to get the most out of their bodies through her MovementU sessions.

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