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Home Remedies for Saddle Sores and Chamois Rash

Not everyone is eager to visit the doctor's office when a saddle sore shows up. Here's a look at some over-the-counter products that might help get you back on the bike.

Practice Sighting in the Pool for Long-Distance Triathlons

Swimming off course during a 70.3 or Ironman is an unnecessary waste of time. Use this pool workout to hone your sighting skills and find the fastest line to transition.

Don't forget to bring some fluids for before the race.

8 Tricks of the Trade for Your Triathlon Checklist

If you're trying out a new race or a new distance, it pays to arrive prepared. Consider packing these gear options for your race, and be ready for almost anything.

Q&A: How Can I Train for a Faster Ironman Run?

Searching for a faster final leg at your next Ironman? Combine pace work with heart rate training in your run workouts and build speed for the final 26.2 miles.

Crash Training Guidelines for Cyclists

Cyclists looking to boost their fitness before a big event can try crash training. But it's not without risks. Use these guidelines to structure this high-volume session.

Acclimating Your Body to Cold Water

Even the toughest pool workouts can't prepare you for a frigid swim in open water. Here's why adapting to cold water can give you a leg up on the competition.

Q&A: How Can I Extend a Training Plan?

With several weeks to spare before a nine-week training plan starts, one triathlete wonders whether repeated the early build period of the plan is better than doing extra base training.

Dealing With Frequent Urination Problems Before a Race

As you're standing at the start line before a race, are you more concerned about your bladder than you are about the competition? Here's how to avoid having to go before the gun goes off.

How would you react to someone participating in an event without paying for the bib?

Liars, Cheaters and Thieves in Your Sport: Part I

Cheating at the pro level usually incurs stiff penalties, but what discipline is taken in the age-group ranks? How would you react to a course-cutter during a race?

Is cutting the course wrong if you have no chance at a top finish?

Liars, Cheaters and Thieves in Your Sport: Part II

Continuing the discussion on cheaters, Gale Bernhardt talks to a few sports psychology professionals to get their take on the moral, legal and social issues surrounding athletic rule-breaking.

Power Up With Tempo Intervals

Whether you want to be first to the line or just want to get over that hill, adding tempo intervals to your training will inject extra speed and power into your cycling.

<strong>Sylvie Becaert of France heads out after firing during the women's biathlon 4 x 6K relay at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.</strong><br><br>Photo: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Getting to Know the Olympic Nordic Sports: Biathlon and Cross-Country Skiing

Learn more about the remaining biathlon and cross-country skiing competitions at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Nordic Skiing: Excellent Cross-Training for Endurance Athletes

Rather than logging endless indoor miles on the treadmill or trainer, strap some skis on for winter cross-training. Find out why Nordic skiing is an ideal workout for endurance athletes.

Is My Spin Class Causing Knee Pain and Saddle Sores?

When moving from road cycling to a Spin® class, your bike fit is sometimes lost in translation. Before post-class pain starts to show up, take matters into your own hands.

How to Train With a Heart Rate Monitor

The foundation of training zones are heart rate, lactate threshold and VO2 max. But how valid is this barometer for exercise? And how much control over your training should it have?

12-Week Swim Workout Plan for Olympic-Distance Triathlons

Don't flounder during the first leg of your Olympic-distance tri. Here are 12 weeks of swimming workouts to help you reach T1 feeling strong.

Q & A: Chicken Cornering and Exploding Up Hills

Group rides can be great ways to improve your fitness in the company of others. But if you keep getting dropped on corners and hills, what can you do?

2 Indoor Trainer Workouts to Improve Climbing

Whether you're training for a hilly ride or race or just want to mix up your indoor cycling, these workouts are inclined to elevate your climbing muscles to the next level.

12-Week Swim Workout Plan for Sprint Triathlons

You've signed up for a sprint tri, but are having second thoughts about the swim leg. Fear not. This workout plan will your build endurance and have you ready when the gun goes off.

Why I Bike in Cold Weather--And How You Can Too

Sick of staring at the same wall while pedaling for hours on the indoor trainer? Expand your horizons with these tips and gear choices for winter cycling.