Super-Sprint Brick Workout for Triathletes

WORKOUT: Super Sprint VO2/Transition Session

This past weekend a little bit of triathlon history was made as the new Rev3 Rush Sprint format (250-meter swim, 5-mile bike, 1.5-mile run) was launched in Richmond, Virginia. This exciting and fast paced racing looks like it is becoming part of triathlons future and is here to stay.

The shorter the race the less room there is for inefficiencies and errors which is why this weeks workout is aimed to physically work your upper end while giving you the opportunity to practice those critical (and under practiced) transitions.

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Session Set Up

To effectively do this session you should take your bike and trainer to a track and set up on the infield of the track. Bring along all of the equipment you need for your bike to run transition. Set up your SEQ Transition (Simple/Efficient/Quick) beside your bike and get ready to do some work.

Warm Up

Twenty minutes of Zone 2 riding letting your legs wake up and be prepared.

Towards the end of the warm up, do 4 x 20 seconds at a high cadence (110 rpm+) followed by 40 seconds of easy spinning.

Main Set

Do 3 to 5 of the following sets:

1. 5 minutes at Zone 2.

2. 3 minutes at Zone 5 VO2 Max (close to maximal 3-minute effort).

3. Get off the bike and practice a simple, efficient transition.

4. Run 800 meters on the track at sub 5K pace.

5. Reset transition.

6. Repeat set.

Each set should take 10 to 12 minutes.

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Cool Down:

Complete 10 to 20 minutes of easy Zone 1 to 2 recovery riding.

Whether you are a short course racer or long course specialist, transitions are an important part of the race. Use this workout (or modify it to your needs) to get in some fast and furious intervals and transitions to make sure you are on top of your game when the Rev3 Rush or other sprint races are in your town.

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Workout provided by Coach Robert "Flanny" Flanigan, the owner and Head Coach of Central Virginia Endurance and Black Dragon Racing. He was the Men's Age Group Finals Champion at Rev3 Rush this past weekend.

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