Leon's World's Fastest Triathlon: Whose Team Are You On?

So, Wolek went out to all the local tri shops to recruit teams. "There are 10 people on a team roster and they all have to assign a captain and an assistant captain, just like in hockey," Wolek says.

He believes the teams and brands should be front and center to ignite more interest, so he designed a transition area that looks more like a NASCAR pit than a traditional T1 or T2 station. "Each team gets their own rack and the shop tent is part of the set up, so the sponsors are right there with the athletes."

His goal is to make Hammond, Indiana the destination for triathlon racing teams across the country. He wants Leon's World's Fastest Triathlon to be the race where triathletes come to not only beat themselves, but to beat each other.

"This is where teams will come to build energy, build rivalries, and have that locker-room experience in the transition area," he says. "It creates that healthy competition that people love in sports."

Wolek gets nostalgic: "We all remember when there weren't a lot of rules and regulations," he says. We'd go out there and we'd skate all night—we did it because we loved it."

Those are the experiences and memories Leon wants to give triathletes: The opportunity to be part of something bigger and share their accomplishments with others.

"That's our goal with everything we do: to create something that can last a lifetime."

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