Be Competitive on Just 10 Hours a Week

The Proper Tools

With limited training time, you have to make the most out of every session. The following equipment will make your training experience very effective. While none of the items listed below are mandatory, each can play a significant role in maximizing your training time and the overall training effect of that time. Of course, each athlete has a different budget, so do what you can with these recommendations.

  • The basics: heart rate monitor, swim cap, goggles, swimsuit, running shoes, bicycle, bicycle helmet, cycling shoes, cycling shorts, flat repair kit

  • Strongly recommended: All of the above plus: a kickboard, fins, hand paddles, swim cords, swimming drag suit, cycling jersey, sunglasses, aerobars, indoor bicycle trainer, treadmill (or access to one)

  • Ultimate: All of the above plus a power meter for your bicycle

Executing on 10 Hours a Week

The hardest part of the key-workout approach is getting the workouts done in the first place. When life is running at top speed, it's hard to fit in extra commitments like exercise. Remember, the most effective schedule is one you can actually complete. You can make working out much easier by choosing home-based or local workouts and by focusing on the early hours of each day. There are minimal distractions when it's 5 a.m.--and the roads are deserted.

With a clear strategy, the right tools and consistent execution, you can improve and realize your season's goals without forsaking all else. It's not easy, and it's not sexy, but the feeling you get when you cross the finish line ahead of those train-aholics is pretty good.

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