6 Cycling Workouts for the Time-Crunched Triathlete

It can be difficult to stick to your training schedule without sacrificing time with your family. During the summer months, kids are out of school and vacations on the calendar. Come fall, school is back in session along with the numerous after-school and weekend activities that go along with it.

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Cycling is the most challenging to fit in. With proper planning, it's possible to squeeze in a quality cycling workout when you're short on time.

When You're At Home

  • Complete your workout in the early morning, while your family is still in bed.
  • If you need a longer effort and it is dark in the A.M., complete one of the workouts listed below on your trainer and then head out the door when the sun comes up.
  • Get all your equipment, clothing, hydration and nutrition elements ready the night before.

When You're Traveling

  • Pack your bike and trainer if you're traveling by car.
  • Call ahead or look online to see if there is a stationary bike available at your hotel.
  • Locate gyms close to the hotel. 
  • Consider renting a bicycle. If you decide to go this route, pack your helmet, shoes and pedals. Make sure the shop has your current bike size and measurements to assure a proper fit).
  • Check with local cycling stores or triathlon clubs about safe routes if you choose to hit the road for your workout.

The workouts listed below are great options for those short on time or those stuck on a stationary or spin bike while traveling. The main sets are intense and, depending upon your fitness level, you may need one to two days of easy training between.

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