5 Mistakes Every First-Time Triathlete Should Avoid

The Quick and the Dead

More isn't always better, especially when it comes to training for your first race. Stick to the training plan that was developed for you. The quickest way to injure yourself is to do too much, too soon.

Trying Out Something New on Race Day

Race day is the not the time to make last-minute additions or changes to your routine. Trying out new shoes, adding or deleting a wetsuit, and consuming an energy bar or gel you're not used to will likely lead to a disaster on the course.

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This principle is not limited to products. For example, going out fast during any leg of the race is a sure way to shock your body and could possibly end with failure. Always stick to exactly what you have been doing during your training.

Failing to Rest

Getting enough sleep, allowing for rest days, eating healthy and scheduling the occasional massage are all important pieces of the recovery process. Without attention to recovery, you won't be able train as hard or long as you'd like.

MoreYour Exercise Recovery Protocol

The week before your race should be spent tapering off your training. Don't worry if you haven't reached the mileage you planned for your longest run or ride. It's better to be safe and take it easy than to cram it all in the days right before your big race.

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