Symposium on the Future of Energy Recovery from Wastes

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Here?s something you don?t see every day - a unique opportunity to learn about energy recovery (ER) from an entirely different perspective. Featuring impartial industry experts and academic researchers in a highly interactive forum, this unique, one-day symposium will present current findings on energy recovery within a broad waste management context with a focus on the issues of most concern to decision-makers and stakeholders. Participants will gain insights into knowledge gaps, policy options, and pathways to connect ideas with investment. Following this symposium, participants will understand the potential role of ER as both a power source and a waste solution, as well as the challenges of implementing such technologies. A key goal of the symposium is to develop working groups that can continue to discuss and develop collaborations on research issues (technical, economic, and policy) to advance the knowledge-base in this field for a Canadian context. Brought to you in partnership by: *University of Waterloo *Columbia University *Canadian Energy-From-Waste Coalition *Canadian Plastics Industry Association *Ontario Environmental Industries Association

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