Academy Club (Thurs):Track&Field/Heroes&Heroines

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Track & Field - 2:30 pm

Sprint to the finish line in the 50 yard dash, toss the rubber discus, soar through the air in the long jump, team up with your friends in a relay. Each week will feature a different track & field event. We?ll track your scores and chart your improvement in an effort to challenge yourself.

Superheroes & Heroines - 3:30 pm

It?s a bird, it?s a plane, it?s Superman! Can you leap from the roof of the tallest building? Or run at superhuman speed? Join us in exploring the worlds of caped crusaders and their arch-enemies. We?ll learn about superhero legends, make our own kryptonite, and complete super-challenges. You can even create your own superhero. The sky is the limit in this class!

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