Academy Club (Thurs): Paintastic/Heroes&Heroines

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Paintastic - 2:30 pm

Join us as we use creative techniques to paint! From splatter painting to sponge work, we will explore varying textures and designs. You?re sure to get your imagination rolling as we discover the wonderful world of paint! Please bring a cover up or wear old clothes that can get dirty.

Superheroes & Heroines - 3:30 pm

It?s a bird, it?s a plane, it?s Superman! Can you leap from the roof of the tallest building? Or run at superhuman speed? Join us in exploring the worlds of caped crusaders and their arch-enemies. We?ll learn about superhero legends, make our own kryptonite, and complete super-challenges. You can even create your own superhero. The sky is the limit in this class!

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