How to Return a Serve Like Agassi

Other Agassi Return of Serve Tips

  • Make a big server pay for a second serve. If your opponent has a big first serve, but not that great a second serve, don't worry about his first serve. Instead, Agassi suggests doing whatever you can to hurt his second serve.
  • Make a big server pay for a second serve, so he feels the pressure of having to make his first. This can hurt his serving percentage and is one way a good return can change the whole tone of a match.

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Footwork and Preparation

Footwork and preparation play a large role in the return of serve. Always step into the return if possible; stepping backwards to hit any shot can prove to be a bad situation.

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You also need to prepare early. Be ready to split step and bring you racquet back early.

Split stepping once the opponent is about to strike the ball will keep you on your toes and ready to go either direction. Bringing the racquet back early when the opponent hits a fast serve makes the ball seem like it is moving slower because it gives that essential preparation time.

Be sure to work on your return so you can make the serve less of a weapon for your opponent. You return serve as much as you serve if not more (in doubles) so it should demand as much practice and attention as your serve.

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