How to Outplay a Stronger Doubles Team

You're warming up with your doubles partner before a league match or tournament and notice the competition. They're crushing the ball and move well on the court.

Plain and simple: they're playing a higher level than you are. But just because they're a stronger team, doesn't mean they're unbeatable. 

Trying harder won't help you win. Playing smarter will. Try these tactics in your next match to improve your chances against a seemingly invincible team.

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Even if you only have a few minutes before a match, spend that time observing your opponent. Which player has a stronger serve? Does one player seem more experienced than the other? Is one of the player's a lefty?

Identify each player's top strengths and weaknesses. Huddle with your doubles partner and develop a strategy that will magnify their weaknesses and that doesn't play into their strengths.

Assess Your Own Team

Assume the opposing team has either watched your warmup or some information about how you and your teammate play. Talk to your partner and identify your own weaknesses and strengths. Develop a plan to ensure they can't exploit your weak second serve or your partner's inconsistent backhand slice. 

For instance, if you have a weak second serve, make sure your partner stands back at the baseline so they don't pummeled by the returner.

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