Undead Forest Zombie Crawl

About This Activity

You are deep in a forest after dark... all you can hear is the sound of movement as shadows appear along the dimly lit trails... all you know is most all of humanity has been infected and you are on your way to the only known safe zone a mile away... You have a weapon, but is it enough as hordes of zombies stalk you through the forest... following sometimes inches away, so close your hairs stand on edge awaiting their bite... can you survive?

Undead Forest puts you on a narrow dimly lit trail after dark that twists along foggy creeks, rickety bridges, and downed trees... Your goal: reach the safe zone a mile away while dodging zombies trying to infect you. Your weapon: a small hand gun you can use to push back the zombies. Those infected, will glow from the infection... those that survive... will live to fight another day.

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