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6 Tips for a Smart Triathlon Swim
By Doug Robertson

A good swimmer constantly evaluates, plans and tweaks to ensure the most successful race possible. These tips will help ensure you're smart about your

How to Improve Your Breathing on the Bike
By John Howard and Gina Poertner, CHES

What can you do to make sure your breathing doesn't hamper your endurance? One former coach found a revolutionary way to make sure your breathing patt

Arm-Placement Tips for Swimmers
By Michael Clarke

Feel like your stroke isn't as efficient as it could be? Find out how to boost your performance, while reducing the amount of effort you expend on eac

What You Need to Know About Wetsuits
By Jay Zacharias

Learn everything you ever needed to know about wetsuits, the benefits of owning one, how to find the right fit and other tips that will make that wets