Practice Ocean Safety

So what can you do to prevent them? Unfortunately, not a whole lot. Most importantly, try and watch where you're swimming, walking and wading. Keep an eye out for them and spot them before your hand, body or face plunges right into one. Otherwise, a few jellyfish sting protective lotions are available on the market.

And what can you do to treat jellyfish stings? It sounds counter-intuitive, but don't rinse them with freshwater—it will further aggravate the skin. Either rinse the affected area with saltwater or don't rinse it at all. You can use vinegar, though. If the sting or stings are particularly burning, take an over-the-counter pain medication. And if you aren't sure if you're having a severe allergic reaction or not, as a lifeguard or doctor right away.

Stingrays: Stingrays have flat bodies and they float along the bottom of the sea floor—often in shallow water, unfortunately for us.? Their "stings" are actually their barb—or tail—piercing or cutting our skin. The best way to remedy the problem once you've been "stung" is to immediately soak your feet in the hottest water you can handle.?

In order to prevent encounters with these guys altogether, shuffle your feet in the sand to scare them off before you have a chance to step on one.

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Know the Ocean Floor

Educate yourself on what kind of bottom lies beneath the waves—some beaches have purely sand bottoms, some have rock bottoms and others yet, sharp reef. Sharp animals like coral or sea urchins can live within the rocks and on the ocean floor so make sure you're aware of them.?

Protect Your Skin

Melanoma is very real. Protecting your skin from the sun not only wards off wrinkles and signs of aging, but preventing melanoma, the leading cause of death from skin disease takes the cake as a good reason to keep yourself covered when you're in and out of the water.?

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