Harvard-Westlake School Basketball

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Harvard School, a military school with 42 boys, was established in 1900 by Grenville C. Emery in a barley field at what is now the corner of Western Avenue and Venice Boulevard in Los Angeles. Mr. Emery received permission from Charles W. Eliot, Harvard University President, to use the Harvard name. In 1904, Jessica Smith Vance and Frederica de Laguna opened the doors of Westlake School for Girls on Sixth Street and Alvarado Street, named for its location near Westlake Park in Los Angeles, now known as MacArthur Park. In October 1989, the Boards of Trustees of the two schools agreed to merge the schools with Mr. Hudnut as Harvard-Westlake's first Headmaster. Full coeducation began in September 1991, with an enrollment approaching 1600, grades 7 - 9 at Westlake's North Faring Road location and grades 10 - 12 at Harvard's Coldwater Canyon campus. In the fall of 2008, an expanded and renovated Middle School campus opened at the North Faring Road location.

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