Archery- Advanced

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Archery In Motion, LLC brings the Stratham community the opportunity to participate in Olympic Style Archery classes. Learn about archery from the safety components to the actual shooting of the bow.  Shooting the bow improves hand-eye coordination, increases upper body strength and challenges the mind. Concentration, self-confidence and self-image are enhanced due to the simplicity, and yet complexity of the sport.

The bows used in the program are of a light draw weight. The targets used are set to varied distances depending on ability. This will give ALL archers the sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Mike Bolduc (NAA Level III Archery Instructor) and Dan Bolduc (NAA Level II
Archery Instructor) will take students through a basic introduction to the equipment, range safety and the archery form used in the training of the Olympic Archers. Training tools and games advance the archers from the basic beginner archer to the advanced basic archer in the four week introduction classes.



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