Janel Stahr: Private Lessons- Piano

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We offer a variety of applied music lessons with highly qualified instructors. Fees vary according to instructor experience. Apprentice level instructors are those with an associate's degree or a few years of teaching experience; professional level instructors are those with a bachelor's degree or five plus years of teaching experience; specialist level instructors are those with a master's degree or ten plus years of teaching experience. Students are required to supply their own instruments and materials. We also require students to pay for the entire session in advance. Students may be asked to purchase lesson books and sheet music in addition to regular private lesson fees. Call the office for more information and to schedule lessons. We are given exact days and times of availability from instructors. Instructors cannot cater to customer's needs. If an instrument you would like lessons for is not listed, call the office and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

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