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Take advantage of these two workshops/clinics on Heat Acclimatization and Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. It is free on for USAT Members and for Coaches who will like to earn your CEU, you can earn 1.5 CEU. For any question, please contact Hector L Torres at or 321-443-0073.

Heat Acclimatization
Clinic dates: Friday, April 26, 2013Time: 4 pm 5:30 pm

This seminar will cover the many issues athletes will have on adapting to heat climates for training and racing. The main objectives of the seminar will be: How to heat acclimatize properly and with a given amount of time to safely race in a hot region; activities to promote cooling of the core temperature while training and racing; proper hydration strategies; what to do in case a heat related illness strikes.
Triathlon Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
Clinic dates: Friday, April 26, 2013Time: 6 pm 7:30 pm
The seminar will cover the most common injuries for all three disciplines, and the demographics around these injuries. We will talk about ways to prevent such injuries and will cover some aspects of rehabilitation to treat or prevent such injuries. The seminar will have both a theoretical part and practical part, therefore it is advised to come with your sporting kit, such as: foam roller, trigger point ball and band.

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