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Yoga teaches you how to stretch!  The deep stretching you learn in this yoga class will release excess muscle tensions that create chronic soreness and stiffness. Plus if you keep practicing, before long you will also discover that you?re getting physically stronger, especially those parts of your body that have been chronically weak. You?ll also learn how to breathe deeply.  Deep breathing is one of the most simple ways to improve your overall health.  You?ll notice a difference in just a few weeks. In addition, this yoga class will teach you how to relax.  Relaxation will free your mind of its chronic tension and dramatically lower your stress levels. Because the benefits of yoga accumulate over time, we offer a deep discount for students committing to 2 consecutive 7-week sessions. No prior yoga experience is necessary. This is a basic yoga class and is appropriate for all levels of fitness. Yoga mat suggested. This class is taught by experienced Kripalu Certified yoga teachers.

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