Creative Cardio- Aerobics

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This class is designed to strengthen core muscles, increase cardiovascular fitness and endurance, improve muscle tone, increase bone density, enhance flexibility, burn calories, relieve stress and tension, and promote good health. Each one-hour class consists of aerobic routines plus strengthening routines for the arms, chest, back, abdominal muscles, buttocks, hips, and legs.  Wrist or hand weights may be used as well as ankle weights for the floor work, but are not required. Each class includes the necessary warm up, cool down, and static stretching exercises. There is no competition, each participant is encouraged to exercise at a level of intensity that is appropriate for them. Emphasis is placed on controlled impact, monitored exertion level and continuous movement during the aerobic portion. Men and women of all fitness levels are welcome to join us. Wear comfortable clothing with aerobic, court, or cross training shoes.  Sign up today! Ages 16+.

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