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px365 is your daily (365) physical exercise prescription (px). Created by Strength and Conditioning Specialist Michael Schwartz, px365 is a comprehensive multi-discipline system of creative, functional workouts designed to get you into peak physical condition. This series of classes will enhance your athletic abilities, improve your physical appearance, and having you feeling healthy and energized. px365 has flexible scheduling, which allows you to make the number of weekly workouts fit your schedule.

px365:bootcamp: This multi-level class is for the competitive and recreational athletes. We will use a variety of equipment: weights, kettlebells, steelbells, ropes, tubes, bands, sand bags, nautical ropes, and stability balls. Each workout consists of a series of functional exercises and drills that work the entire body and leaving you exhilarated, energized, and motivated.

px365: corestrength: Michael seamlessly combines authentic Pilates with full body strength exercises, functional core work, and intense power yoga to create an amazing workout. By strengthen your core, it will help correct alignment issues and muscular imbalances, and have your body in peak condition for the spring and summer.


Monday - Pilates

Tuesday - Bootcamp

Wednesday - Pilates

Thursday - Bootcamp

Saturday - Bootcamp

Time: M-Th 6:15-7:15am, Sat. 7:00-8:00am


The drop in fee is $12.00 per class.

Instructor: Michael Schwartz, PES, CPT, CSCS


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